EBS Smart Academy
Tele2 IoT Delivers Connectivity to EBS with a New Partnership

EBS and Tele2 have joined forces to provide customers with the best possible experience with smart communicators, alarm systems and lone worker solution systems.

The partnership enables secure and connected services globally through a system in place by IoT such as the Connectivity Management Platform 2CONTROL (Cisco IoT Control Center).

With the skills and success of Tele2 and the decades of dedication to the security industry from EBS, the sky’s the limit for our partnership. The partnership will provide customers with a single point of contact for their smart security needs.

Tele2 has been an influential name in the telecommunications industry for the past 3 decades. Tele2 has shown their drive and focus on helping millions of people enjoy unlimited connectivity at an affordable price. They’re proven to have the most reliable networks and infrastructure for the end customer and have invested tremendously in improving the customer experience by offering a combination of services ranging from mobile and fixed telephony to network and cloud services along with security solutions.

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