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Versatility, exceptionally high quality of Polish production and compatibility with alarm systems of other manufacturers make it possible to bring modernity to your home and business while guaranteeing an affordable investment.
LX line
A simple and affordable communicator. With the Smart Connector feature, connecting to an external PBX becomes as fast as ever.

PX line
Universal communicator with PSTN, DTMF and power supply on board. Using it, you enable real-time transmission of all data from the control panel to the monitoring station via 2G mobile network.

EPX line
Extremely powerful communicator equipped with two transmission paths (GSM and Ethernet) and a downloading / uploading (tip & ring) function that allows remote uploading of the configuration to the communicator's integrated control panel.

Particularly noteworthy are the cases of communicators, which, thanks to their unique design, can become an elegant element of any interior.
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Additional benefits
Intuitive and easy-to-use installer app, available in two versions: desktop and mobile. Enjoy creating repeatable and universal templates. Configure systems according to your preferences: from your laptop or cell phone. Efficiently install new devices using QR codes.
End-user friendly application, allowing you to conveniently: control EBS control panels from anywhere (including simple arming/disarming), manage even several objects from one user account, download it from both Google Play and iOS App Store.
Easy-to-follow instructional videos that guide you step-by-step and facilitate quick setup and installation of the system.

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