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Simple and quick installation with remote diagnostics is
the key to your success.
If you are an owner or manager of a security agency, a security equipment distributor, an installer, or are involved in sales in the security market, then our offer is just for you.
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EBS works with the largest security agencies in the world. See for yourself. Read more...
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By working with EBS, you can expect to reduce your own costs thanks to the efficient and simple installation of our solutions and remote diagnostics.

You no longer have to worry about your installer spending hours on site. Thanks to the use of QR codes and clear instructional videos, available in multiple languages, installation of both alarm systems and communicators is really easy and fast.

We also offer you numerous training courses, webinars, conferences, industry networking events, as well as blog articles to help your team gain know-how not only on the technical aspects of our solutions, but also knowledge based on years of experience and presence in the international security market.

As a complement to this offer, you have a whole portfolio of services at your disposal.
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If you would like to become our partner, please contact the sales manager of your choice.
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Here you will find a list of all existing EBS partners:
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EBS cooperates with numerous security equipment distributors around the world. If you would like to join this venerable group, please contact your sales manager.

In addition to a whole range of solutions dedicated to local markets, we can offer you access to our knowledge base, invite you to participate in all possible trainings, conferences and important industry events, as well as present a full portfolio of services.
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As an installer, with us you have at your disposal the entire portfolio of tools you need for your work, the Knowledge Zone in the form of downloads (abbreviated and extended instructions, certificates, instructional videos, technical catalog).
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In addition to technical documentation and videos, we have for you an offer of training courses and webinars in many languages.

Our QR code system will make it easy for you to install any communicator or alarm system in a very short time.

We also always provide you with 24/7 technical support (here's a link to support), which will explain to you in a friendly and, importantly, expert manner, in the language that suits you best, how to overcome any difficulties you may encounter.

Technical Support
Understanding the complexity of our solutions, we have prepared support with you in mind.

Therefore, in order to meet your expectations, we have prepared some solutions, as exemplified by the AVA PRO Easy Install system, in such a way that its installation during a sales visit to the customer will not pose the slightest problem for you.

To this end, we have a clearly communicated instructional video and clear and simple instructions for you.

We also serve you with assistance in providing the necessary knowledge, not only technical, but also commercial, based on many years of experience in international markets.

To this end, we organize periodic training sessions, webinars, conferences and other important industry events, to which you feel cordially invited today.

There is also extensive support at your disposal in the form of a team of technical experts (link) and a Customer Service Department.

Technical Support
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EBS Config 2.0
Intuitive and easy-to-use app for the installer, available in two versions: desktop and mobile.
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