Worker Monitoring
Professional monitoring
of live patrols
A turnkey end-to-end solution for your business to control rounds with a wide range of applications with real-time surveillance capabilities.
Meet ActiveView
The advanced reporting system in the form of the ActiveView app allows you to choose between 2 end devices: the AT Mobile app optionally bundled with an ultra-rugged Getnord phone or the Active Track device.
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Active View Ecosystem

The Active View ecosystem consists of two products (available devices), a mobile application and an online platform. With this complete solution, we are able to provide the highest quality real-time monitoring data for various industries such as security, health, logistics and education.

A centralized online monitoring platform to check the location of people in the field and verify the way and efficiency of work in real time.
A mobile application designed for real-time monitoring to complement Active Track devices in the Active View ecosystem.
Active Track is a device used in the security and physical security industry, logistics companies, companies that clean offices or other facilities, as well as in health-related industries, among others.
GetNord Lynx is a modern and very rugged smartphone with various wireless accessories available. It has been tested and is used in the military or other units, among others, and is able to function properly in any work environment or field of activity.