You are at the center of
our attention
In the interest of our customers' satisfaction, we have taken a revolutionary approach to the subject of services and treating them comprehensively and as a priority
We offer you

not only technical support, pre- and post-sales support, but also know-how in the form of EBS Smart Academy, i.e. numerous webinars and expert articles, instructional videos available in many languages.

In addition to the full portfolio of pro-customer services, we have a rental offer for selected solutions, as well as a customization proposal.

Knowledge Zone
Here you will find everything you need, including: abbreviated and expanded instructions, certificates, marketing materials and more.
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Technical support
Our technical experts, who speak several languages, are at your disposal 24/7. Just call the number or send an email with your inquiry and we will serve you as soon as possible. (and we will serve you within... 12 / 24h / with agreed terms of cooperation)
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Instructional video
Our videos will show you in a simple and friendly way how to quickly deal with the installation and configuration of our devices using dedicated applications.
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Sales service
A team of professional sales consultants offers you care at both the pre- and post-sales stages. Take advantage of their services and leave feeling satisfied.
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Sales Managers
Each region in the world has an assigned sales supervisor. They will answer all questions about current business conditions and guarantee the highest level of service.
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EBS Smart Academy
Our academy will provide you with constant access to the knowledge you need, not only on current topics, but also expand your know-how on current global trends in the security market.
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Supplementary services
Warranty terms and conditions
The warranty we provide for our products is a period of 24 months.
Equipment service
EBS service is located at the site of our production plant in Elk, where a qualified group of specialists will take care of the products submitted for complaint according to the applicable standards in the shortest possible time. You will be informed about the progress of the process.