Communicator 4G LX2M-Q31

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4G Communicator LX2M-Q31 (European Modem) (box PCV).


The perfect communicator for galloping inflation and “surge action” (operators shutting down 2G and 3G networks).

The LX mini communicator (LX2M) is the most attractively priced product of the “Smart Communicators” family while having several features to satisfy the most demanding customers:

– 4G/ LTE modem (with fallback to 2G)
– 4 configurable lines (input/output) – according to the needs of the installer
– 4 inputs (permanent)
– remote configuration
– operation via EBS Security (end-user application) in both Android and iOS versions.

The LX Mini, or LX2M, will be available in variants for Europe and Latin America.
In addition, the LX mini is the first communicator to introduce a new type of housing in the form of a transparent “blister”. Its flexibility and strength allow for convenient installation.
The LX2M is configured using EBS Config 2.0 (NOTE! the old version of the EBS Config configurator does not support the LX2M), which is available in both mobile (downloadable from the Google Play store) and desktop versions.

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