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Active View – new company in EBS Group

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that the Sevenways Group and the EBS Group are joining forces to accelerate the development of their eco-systems in the area of ​​Lone Worker Monitoring Systems and Professional Guard Tour Systems solutions. The new established company Active View Ltd. will enable the combination of many years of experience and knowledge of experts from both companies, which in the next several months will result in:

  • multiplied expenditure on the development of a platform for monitoring and management of field employees,
  • new analytical and reporting possibilities of the current solution,
  • further increasing the cybersecurity of the eco-system ActiveView
  • dynamic development of specialized end devices, including the further evolution of mobile applications.

The establishment of a new company will not change the current cooperation with Partners and Customers of Sevenways and EBS. Both companies assume that their strategic cooperation in the above area will bring additional synergies consisting in better penetration of the security market, including acceleration of the geographical development of the business. In the opinion of the Stakeholders, this new joint venture should also allow both companies’ Partners and Clients to enter new market segments.

Already today, the EBS Group solutions in the area of ​​Lone Worker Monitoring Systems and Professional Guard Tour Systems are among the top 10 most popular eco-systems in the security industry in the world (according to IHS). Cooperation with the Sevenways Group will not only strengthen the position of both companies in this market, but will also allow their partners and clients to accelerate the dynamics of their business development, better customer retention, increasing the safety of people working in the field and constantly improving the efficiency of services provided.

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