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What does EBS’ latest smart communicator, the LX400, bring us?

Over the 3 decades of EBS’ existence, we have learned to listen to the needs of our customers from different parts of the globe. We realize that in today’s fast-paced world, time is one of the most important values, so to meet this need, we have combined the advantages of our devices to create a solution in the form of the LX400. This intelligent communicator, combining the features of an economical transmitter like the LX with the advanced EPX, creates a unique communicator for the residential and small business market.

Like the highly-regarded EPX400 on the market, the LX400 transmitter provides remote configuration and diagnostics, giving the security company significant time savings. After all, our market analysis shows that one of the biggest costs in after-sales service, is traveling to the customer, which in this case, is unnecessary.

Thanks to the downloading functionality, the installer is able to diagnose and repair any problem without having to move.

Nine inputs provide the opportunity to expand an existing alarm system with additional detectors, such as a flood detector, smoke detector, gas detection, displacement detector and many others, which enriches the commercial offer of the security agency.

Inputs, however, remember, also have a wider application, as they can be used to report incidents at the facility that are not sent in events from the control panel. For example, a foreign control panel using the output can inform you about a system malfunction, which through our LX400 communicator comes in the form of an input violation to the monitoring station.

The LX400 is equipped with a model 4G network, but in places where LTE technology is just in development or not very stable, the guarantee of connectivity is the automatic switching of this communicator to a 2G network. The effect of this action is to ensure continuity of operation.

The above-described functionalities are just a drop in the ocean of endless possibilities offered by this solution.

If you want to know more details, contact your Sales Manager: https://ebssmart.com/en/about/international-sales-managers