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The “Downloading / Uploading” functionality available in EBS LX400 and EPX400 communicators: A Review

In the modern world, every company uses a variety of tools to support their work. Thanks to them, we reduce the costs of the company’s operations, increase the efficiency of employees, reduce the time of task completion or increase customer satisfaction. In one word, optimization. One such work support tool is the Downloading / Uploading function available in EBS LX400 and EPX400 communicators.

The “Downloading / Uploading” function is a functionality that allows you to remotely download and upload the entire configuration of control panels from manufacturers such as DSC, Paradox, Honeywell, GE or Napco. Simply connect the LX400 or EPX400 appropriately to be able to change any settings on the control panel conveniently from the comfort of your own desk.

The benefits of this solution are apparent. First of all, we reduce the costs of customer service while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. Imagine a situation when a customer reports a need to change the exit time or create a new partition. Each time such a request is made, we either ask the customer to type in the appropriate characters on the Control Panel keypad, or a technician must be dispatched to the customer to complete the action on-site. In the first case, the effectiveness is sometimes different. Ultimately, the customer can be inconveinanced or is not quite able to follow our instructions; further complicating the customer support’s role.

In the second case, instead of installing the LX400 or the EPX400 and remotely updating the exit time or adding a partition; the technician has to travel to the site, increasing labor costs. Not to mention the cost of the trip or the time lost getting there. And after all, that’s not what this business is about. With the use of LX400 and EPX400 communicators, all changes in the configuration of the alarm system can be done quickly and remotely. We gain time savings, cost savings and focus on what is most important in business, ie acquiring new customers.

There is a saying “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. We can all agree with this statement, and the best way to work smartly & efficiently, is with LX400 and EPX400 communicators with the Downloading / Uploading functionality. Moreover, with EBS’ fast and hassle-free support, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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